Times of Malta: Mdina International provides training to Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisers Ltd

Mdina International Ltd, a training company that specialises in the learning and development of people, worked closely with Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors Ltd (JMFA) to provide tailor-made training to its staff. The training programme for management was spread over a number of months where JMFA was required to go through a research phase to identify personalised needs for the development of the management team.
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Welcoming Guido-Eckhard Schmidt!

We are very happy to introduce Guido, who in his wealth of experience, has shown a great talent for sales, entrepreneurship and leadership in a number of technical fields. These experiences and his numerous achievements have led him down a prosperous career path, which has enabled him to join the Mdina team as a Business trainer and Consultant.
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Storytelling for Sales People

Connecting with clients has been on a journey from transactional and consultative approaches through to the challenger sale. The “new” kid on the block for many blue-chip organisations is the power of storytelling which is certainly not new but has lots of scientific back up to its effectiveness.
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Mdina International specialises in tailor-made, leadership, management and sales development programmes, supported by our coaching and consultancy expertise. Our success stems from years of experience in the industry, being able to put hard measures on soft skills and being passionate about making a difference.