Mastering leadership - an executive mini MBA

Do you remember the legendary John Peters 

from the 2018 Business Leaders Annual Conference Breaking the Rules?

John is still breaking the rules and he is now coming to Malta to roll out the first of a kind:

Mastering leadership - an executive mini MBA

A strategic toolbox to empower you to lead


Have you worked yourself through the ranks and are now in top management?
Or are you an aspiring leader?
Or do you need to sharpen and refresh your knowledge after a number of years in the business?


Then this Mastering Leadership Course is IDEAL for you

✔️ 5 Days

✔️ Small group and one-to-one attention

✔️ Practical, hands-on exercises

✔️ Dedicated to helping people be the best they can be.

The programme will provide you with practical tools that can easily be used immediately in the workplace.  We have done the hard work of translating the theories into functional methods and tools, and after this training, you will walk away with a toolbox that that you can immediately apply to your day-to-day life, both in the workplace and on a personal level.

Dates: 2nd - 6th March 2020

Location: Business Leaders Hub, 160, Mdina Road,Zebbug, Malta

Price: €2,500 (this training is applicable for funding via the Investing in Skills Scheme)

Mdina International can also provide a dedicated team to support your growth with an additional package of 5 follow-on coaching sessions: Price: €500

This programme is designed to be different, creative and bold, whilst being pragmatic, usable and instantly provide real tools that can be transferred back into the workplace.  

Our development workshops are designed to inspire action and growth. John Peters is known to create the ‘wow’ factor while creating real and tangible value for people who expect to take a lead in life.

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