Exit Interviews, Recruitment, Retention … and Resignation

If you were suffering from a recurring medical complaint you’d seek medical advice. The doctor would examine you, maybe run several tests, and finally arrive at a diagnosis. He would then recommend a course of treatment to address the complaint. Why are symptoms not treated with the same seriousness in an organisation? Often resignations are an easy symptom to spot. But most fail to investigate, diagnose and treat the symptom.
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Is Sales Management Stupid? - Top 10 Tips for Sales Managers

“Our sales team don’t pre-qualify well enough” “Forecasting is poor to non-existent” “Our sales people are using price as their major sales weapon” ​ Many sales managers complain about these issues but few know how to approach a plausible solution. Consider two members of your sales team that need the most help in this area and think about the financial impact on your business they were to become as effective your two top salespeople. Consider how long the two underperforming sales people have held their jobs and do the math. The cost over the years will be significant. Why has this situation continued for so long?
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Pre-Judge or Pre-Qualify?

​"You can never judge a book by its cover” is never truer than in the sales industry. We’ve all done it; judged a person by the sandals they were wearing, their designer handbag, their quiet, reserved or shy demeanour, the city they live in, the phone they own, etc. We are predominantly visual, we can’t help it. The visual area at the back of our brains makes up 30% of our cortex, so it’s no surprise that we create an impression of a person in our own minds almost immediately. The question we should be asking is… “is this helping us or hurting us as sales-people?”.
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